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An essential tool to securely embrace a changing business culture – working anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The CloudShape Solution

We’re dedicated to helping organizations securely meet the expectations of employees, customers, and stakeholders when it comes to IT. By building a private cloud on each customer site, our on-premises Desktop as a Service platform delivers virtual desktops using your network and your security protocol…so you maintain oversight of the security of your network while we do the daily management.

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CloudShape’s solution takes the traditional benefits of VDI like centralizing your data in a secure location and issuing a fresh desktop at each log in, and then leverages the inherent security of an on-premises, private cloud network that abides by organizational standards, policies, and procedures.

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High Performing

By allocating a full processor for each virtual desktop, our proprietary memory-based architecture delivers an average of 150 IOPS of storage performance per desktop – six times that of traditional VDI architectures. Our system is built to ensure no system component becomes a bottleneck to providing an optimal user experience.

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Budget Conscious

In a recent customer study, our solution was shown to provide a 28% cost savings over a five year period compared to directly purchasing the systems and software to install VDI and manage it internally – with savings starting in year one. So as you strive to securely adopt initiatives like teleworking and BYOD, you can also meet the demand to lower costs and reduce CAPEX.

CloudShape DaaS Pricing

Desktop Equivalent Price* $68/user/month
Processor 4vCPU
Memory 7GB
Storage Performance 150 IOPS
Target User Power User – Productivity applications, complex documents, internet browsing, HD movies.
*The above example ($68/month) assumes $85 per concurrent desktop at 80% concurrency – minimum user count and 1 year term required. This pricing is for reference only and is subject to change without notice. Pricing reflected in this document is in USD. Contact CloudShape at or call 301-220-0004 for pricing details.

How it Works

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