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The Security Fork in the Road

Agencies are reaching a security fork in the road – achieve greater user experience, and you sacrifice security. Go for security, and you sacrifice user experience. CloudShape’s answer to the dilemma: an on-premises approach that offers security and performance, with the management ease of a DaaS solution.

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Centralized desktop computing inherently allows you to more readily meet FISMA standards. And, as an on-premises VDI solution, CloudShape works closely with government security requirements, regulations, and compliance guidelines…in fact, we’ve mapped over 50 FISMA security controls to our DaaS infrastructure just to make your life a little easier.

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HSPD-12 Ready

CloudShape’s solution comes HSPD-12 ready, meeting all mandates of the directive.

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Government Contracts

CloudShape holds a GSA Schedule and has access to SEWP V, so all purchasing avenues are available.

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Customer Success

One Federal agency recently sought to deliver 2,000 production virtual desktops across Latin America and Washington, D.C., out of its data center in Miami, FL. CloudShape provided the agency with a 300-virtual desktop pilot project in October 2013, and by January 2014, the project was deemed a success. Outcomes included:

  • Rapid deployment – meeting the CIO’s deadline of a go-live date six weeks from project start
  • Good user experience – users reported desktop performance better than their physical PCs
  • Relatively low cost – CloudShape’s on-premises DaaS approach was shown to provide a 32% cost savings over five years when compared to maintaining physical PCs and laptops; and a 28% savings as compared to directly purchasing the systems and software to install and internally manage VDI. Because these savings were realized in year one, the agency was able to fund its remaining VDI deployment out of existing funds.



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