Innovative and cost-effective services coupled with experts to manage the complexities of hybrid cloud environments


Federal agencies are increasingly utilizing cloud services for their scalability, agility, and to transform capital expense (CapEx) to operational expense (OpEx). For most Federal agencies, transitioning one hundred percent of their systems and infrastructure to a cloud environment is not practical due to a variety of reasons, including security and performance. In a hybrid cloud model, adopting cloud services for those organizations means that some existing on-premise systems must coexist with cloud-based systems. Hybrid cloud environments bring combined benefits, but also add significant complexity over a homogenous cloud or on-premise environment, requiring specialized cloud knowledge and expertise.


CloudShape was founded on its expertise in Cloud-based environments and its unique, but practical approach to solving the challenges of Hybrid Cloud infrastructures. CloudShape provides cloud and managed services to help government organizations through all phases of their cloud adoption life cycle. CloudShape engineers help bridge gaps in an agency’s cloud expertise to design Cloud Architectures that meet their mission needs within available budgets. CloudShape offerings address the challenge of migrating data center systems and large data repositories to the cloud, in a secure and cost-effective manner as well as backing up those systems in case of need.

CloudShape engineers can also help government agencies to optimize their cloud environment and to develop a governance model that incorporates a thorough understanding of federal mandates and reporting requirements. Through its unique, key encryption solution, CloudShape enables agencies to control the security of their Cloud environment, using their own keys, rather than using Cloud Service Provider generated keys. Additionally, CloudShape provides a fully managed, colocation service for those agencies seeking a turnkey, hybrid cloud managed service.

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Data Center and Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Backup
  • Governance and Optimization
  • Colocation Managed Service
  • Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE)