Securing Federal agency cloud environments with proven solutions and expertise


Federal agencies are increasingly adopting a Zero Trust framework as a way of reducing their exposure to external and internal cyber-attacks, protecting sensitive data, and complying with government mandates and directives. The Zero Trust paradigm secures access to an agency’s resources, regardless of location; establishes a least privilege strategy with strictly enforced access control; and, examines and logs all network traffic. Moving to this framework becomes more complex as agencies adopt cloud services and even more so when combining those services with traditional, on-premise mission-critical systems.


CloudShape specializes in Compliance, Policy Development, and Risk Management to secure traditional, on-premise environments as well as Cloud, mobile, and social computing platforms while maintaining privacy and information security. CloudShape’s solutions are designed to help agencies with Security Governance, Digital Identity and Access Management, and Asset Security, particularly in complex Cloud environments. CloudShape services help agencies comply with government requirements, standards, and programs such as OMB ICAM policy, FIPS standards, NIST 800 series, and DHS CDM Phases.

CloudShape’s solutions are designed to solve targeted challenges but can be combined and customized to fit each organization’s specific requirements. CloudShape’s experts modernize agency ICAM architecture using the latest technology while leveraging existing infrastructure investments. Our solutions can also be bundled into an “Identity-as-a-Service” solution providing agencies a simplified, managed service approach to their ICAM program.

  • Governance
  • Access Management
  • Federation
  • Privileged Management
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Secure Mobility
  • Cloud Data Protection (Bring Your Own Encryption)