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Data Center and Cloud Migration

Comprehensive Solutions for IT Infrastructure that Maximizes Efficiency and Security

CloudShape’s Data Center and Cloud Migration Services offer government agencies a comprehensive solution to modernize their IT infrastructure while maximizing efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness. A key capability is our expertise in seamlessly migrating government agencies existing data centers to cloud environments. This includes the migration of critical data, applications, and workloads to leading cloud provides like AWS and Azure.

CloudShape’s Data Center and Cloud Migration Services empower government agencies to modernize their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and bolster security and compliance, ultimately enabling more efficient and agile operations.

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PKI Infrastructure and Single-Sign-On

A Robust Security Solution for Government Agencies Operating in Cloud Environments.

CloudShape’s PKI Infrastructure and Single-Sign-On (SSO) Services play a pivotal role in fortifying the security of cloud environment for government agencies. The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) establishes a robust foundation for secure communications and data protection. It provides government agencies with the ability to issue, manage, and revoke digital certificates, ensuring the authenticity of users and devices access cloud resources.

Government agencies often deal with numerous cloud applications and service, each requiring separate login credentials. Single-Sign-On streamlines this process, allowing users to access multiple cloud resources with a single set of credentials, reducing the risk of password related security vulnerabilities.

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NexGen WiFi

Cutting Edge WiFi Security

CloudShape’s NexGen WiFi solution, featuring IPV6 and Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) with multi-factor authentication, offers government agencies with a cutting-edge approach to network security and connectivity. The utilization of IPV6 ensures that government agencies have access to a modern and scalable Internet Protocol, allowing for a vast number of unique IP addresses to accommodate the increasing number of connected devices.

CloudShape’s ZTA implementation ensues that government agency networks are designed with strict access control and continuous monitoring, reducing the risk of insider threats and unauthorized access. Paired with multi-factor authentication (MFA), this solution strengthens security further by requiring multiple forms of verification for user access.

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