Manage the Complexities
of Hybrid Cloud Environments

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Managed Public Cloud

Elevate your Government Agency’s Public Cloud Experience with CloudShape

At CloudShape, we recognize the unique demands of government agencies, and we stand ready to empower your digital transformation journey. We excel in three critical competencies: Data Archival and Retention, Security Management, and Cost Optimization.

CloudShape’s Data Archival and Retention expertise ensures your agency’s information is impeccably preserved. Our tailored solutions guarantee that Historical data remains accessible, secure, and ready for audit – a cornerstone for transparent and accountable governance.

We implement robust Security Management to protect your cloud environment. From Zero Trust Architectures to PKI Infrastructure and Single-Sign-On (SSO), rest assured that your agency’s digital assets remain protected from cyber threats. CloudShape’s Cloud Cost Optimization capabilities include expert analysis of Cloud infrastructure, identifying cost-saving opportunities without compromising performance.

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Private Cloud

Empower your Government Agency with Tailored Private Cloud Solutions for the Public Sector

Navigating the intricate landscape of government operations demands a cloud solution as unique as your agency. CloudShape specializes in developing Private Cloud solutions for government agencies that seamlessly address workload complexities, cost concerns, application intricacies, and networking sensitivities – all while preserving the security and sovereignty that your agency demands.

Workload optimization lies at the heart of our Private Cloud approach. CloudShape develops tailor-made solutions that align with your agency’s workloads, ensuring optimal resource allocation, cost, scalability, and performance. Say goodbye to the constraint of one-size -fits-all solutions – our expertise empowers you to deliver services efficiently, without compromise.

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Edge Cloud

CloudShape’s Edge Cloud is a Private Cloud solution that address the specific needs and challenges for our government customer’s remote offices and locations. Government offices in remote areas often contend with limited network infrastructure making it difficult to access critical applications and data.

CloudShape’s Private Edge Cloud leverages its proximity to these remote offices, reducing latency and ensuring faster access to essential resources. CloudShape’s platform offers a secure environment for data and applications, ensuring the highest levels of security and adherence to government-mandated standards. This allows government agencies to maintain data integrity and compliance, no matter where their remote offices are located.

CloudShape’s Private Edge Cloud compute platform empowers government remote offices and locations with the IT infrastructure needed to overcome geographic challenges, enhance security and deliver better services.

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CloudShape’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Private Cloud Solution was developed with our government customers to address their unique challenges related to desktop security, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

With DaaS Private Cloud, sensitive government data and applications can be housed in a dedicated, highly secure environment utilizing agency approved desktop images. CloudShape’s Private Cloud solution is a cost-effective approach often costing half of what Public Cloud DaaS solutions cost.

The mobility and remote access capabilities of DaaS enable government employees to work securely from any location, supporting continuity of operations during unforeseen disruptions like natural disasters or public emergencies. Overall, CloudShape’s DaaS Private Cloud Solution provides government agencies with the security, flexibility and cost-efficiency necessary to meet their unique challenges and deliver effective services to their employees and to the public.

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Managed Colocation

Managed colocation services extend the benefits of standard data center colocation services. Our colocation facility offers additional tools, system administration, physical hardware assistance, proactive response monitoring, server backups and network equipment management. You benefit by getting the most out of your existing hardware investestments while getting the full support of 24/7 expert IT teams in world class data centers.

Take your IT infrastructure to the next level.

CloudShape offers a comprehensive cloud service portfolio to help drive your business forward.

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