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Citrix NetScaler Managed Service

Empowering Government Agencies with the Tools to Deliver Secure, Reliable, and Efficient Digital Services

CloudShape’s Citrix NetScaler Managed Service, which supports Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), load balancing, and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), presents an ideal solution for government agencies. Efficient load balancing ensures even distribution of network traffic across multiple servers, improving application availability and resilience while ADC optimizes application performance and user experience.

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) take CloudShape’s solution a step further, enabling geographically distributed deployment and ensuring high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. CloudShape’s Citrix NetScaler Managed Service empowers government agencies with the tools to deliver secure, reliable, and efficient digital services while maintaining the highest level of application performance and availability.

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Nutanix Managed Service

A Powerful Solution for Optimizing IT Infrastructure and Enhancing Security

CloudShape’s Nutanix Managed Service offers government agencies a powerful solution optimizing the IT infrastructure, reducing operational complexities, and enhancing security. Nutanix Converged Infrastructure simplifies infrastructure management by integrating compute, storage, and networking into a single, cohesive platform. VMware complements this by providing a robust virtualization layer, allowing agencies to run multiple virtual machines on the same hardware, optimizing utilization and flexibility.

The combination of Nutanix and VMware enhance the security posture of government agencies. This integration supports hybrid and multi-cloud deployment, allowing agencies to seamlessly extend their infrastructure to the cloud.

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Managed Cloud Backup

A Comprehensive Approach to Data Retention and Archival

CloudShape’s Managed Backup Solution for the Cloud offers government agencies a robust and comprehensive approach to data retention and archival. A primary benefit is data resilience and protection. CloudShape’s solution facilitates regular automated backups of critical data to secure cloud storage, reducing the risk of data loss, cyberattacks, or human error. This not only preserves the integrity of government records but also supports compliance with data retention regulations and audit requirements.

The solution capabilities extend to efficient data management and long-term archival. CloudShape’s Managed Backup solution ensures data integrity through regular validation and restoration tests, guaranteeing that government agencies can rely on the accuracy and completeness of their archived data when needed.

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Managed Colocation

Managed colocation services extend the benefits of standard data center colocation services. Our colocation facility offers additional tools, system administration, physical hardware assistance, proactive response monitoring, server backups and network equipment management. You benefit by getting the most out of your existing hardware investestments while getting the full support of 24/7 expert IT teams in world class data centers.

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