Is Your Organization Ready for VDI?

As I’ve discussed previously, the user benefit of desktop virtualization is clear, since teleworking, mobility and BYOD are rapidly becoming more of an expectation in the workplace, rather than a rare luxury reserved for the few. However, as advantageous as a VDI solution can be to an organization for productivity, security and accessibility, you must thoroughly evaluate whether or not your organization is ready for such a change before green lighting any desktop virtualization initiative.

But where do you begin?

Key Considerations for VDI

While it is understandable that each organization has its own unique set of needs and requirements for IT infrastructure, there are four things everyone should consider, no matter their organization’s size or focus:

  1. Applications:
    What applications does your organization use and are they appropriate for VDI? Do they require specialized resources for compute or graphic processing? Can applications with limited licensing be virtualized? Are there network dependent applications to consider like streaming video?
  2. Current Network – LAN, WAN, Remote Access
    What is the current layout of your network architecture? Do you have network monitoring and reporting capabilities? Where are your remote/branch offices located and how are they connected to the network? Do you have remote workers? How do they connect to the enterprise?
  3. Change Management and User Benefits
    While the user benefits can be numerous, have you outlined a clear communication and implementation plan for your users? How will you manage the disruptive effects of change within your organization?
  4. Business Case for VDI
    Can you clearly articulate the business case for VDI, as it pertains to security, mobility, BYOD or specialized use cases like call centers and training centers?

Why Preparation Matters

Before you make a decision to move ahead with a VDI solution, it is critical to take the time to evaluate what you have in place currently, as well as whether or not you are ready for the management requirements that come with any global organizational change. Failure to properly prepare for such a drastic shift in your IT infrastructure can have serious consequences.

For example, you may have applications that are not suitable for desktop virtualization – obviously something that needs to be determined prior to any step toward VDI. Or if you find that your organization does have the right profile in order to move forward, not having an organizational change management plan outlined and in place can completely derail the success of your VDI implementation project before it even gets off the ground.

In short, the success of VDI for your organization does not hinge solely on the technology itself, and an implementation of this size and scope should not be taken lightly. But while desktop virtualization requires ample preparation and planning, such efforts will pay off in the long run.