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Security Benefits of VDI and On-Premises DaaS


As we’ve discussed before, there are three basic considerations you must keep in mind when developing a business case for VDI – your organization’s key business drivers, the cost and ROI, and your change management strategy. But the recent OPM and Ashley Madison hacks have thrown a harsh spotlight on another critical factor:

How implementing desktop virtualization can contribute and strengthen the security of your organization, from protecting your data to guarding your […]

Top 4 Benefits of On-Premises DaaS v Traditional DaaS


As we all know, traditional DaaS solutions typically rely upon a third-party company to host an organization’s desktop services on their servers. On-Premises DaaS, on the other hand, locates the desktop virtual machine in your business’s data center, making it less complex to integrate DaaS into the applications you already use.

It goes without saying that mitigated complexity in installation is a great benefit for organizations, but it is by no means the […]

3 Ways On-Premises DaaS Best Delivers the Promise Made by VDI

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is one of several approaches to desktop virtualization. Often, the term ‘remote desktop’ is used interchangeably with ‘desktop virtualization.’ I think that’s a better name because it gets to the heart of the real user benefit. In most organizations today, both users and their management are clamoring for the ability to work remotely — and buzzwords like BYOD, mobility, telework and “any where, any time, any device” have begun to dominate their conversations […]


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