Top 4 Benefits of On-Premises DaaS v Traditional DaaS


As we all know, traditional DaaS solutions typically rely upon a third-party company to host an organization’s desktop services on their servers. On-Premises DaaS, on the other hand, locates the desktop virtual machine in your business’s data center, making it less complex to integrate DaaS into the applications you already use.

It goes without saying that mitigated complexity in installation is a great benefit for organizations, but it is by no means the only “perk” of an On Premises DaaS solution. In fact, here are the top four benefits of On-Premises DaaS as a VDI solution.

Benefit #1: Improve your organization’s security.

When it comes to security, On-Premises DaaS helps forward-thinking organizations meet security challenges head-on by centralizing data and requiring authentication processes for data that employees need.

This is important because an unexpected security breach can cost your organization significant revenue and cause customer retention issues, while also bringing to a halt day-to-day operations, depending on the severity of the breach. With the increased demand for teleworking and management, and employees preferring to use their personal devices, enterprise-level organizations are actively seeking ways to reduce security risks that come with remote desktop and BYOD (bring your own device).

In short, On-Premises DaaS is a win-win, because it improves your organization’s security posture efficiently, while also enhancing the end-user experience.

Benefit #2: Meet strict government standards.

On-Premises DaaS outperforms traditional DaaS solutions at meeting strict government standards. The Federal Information Security Management Act, FISMA, requires a new level of security policies and procedures be implemented in government agencies. These organizations need to establish minimum baseline controls that are effective. On-Premises DaaS meets that demand. [link to]

Benefit #3: Enjoy better performance and user experiences.

How your computer systems function matters. And On-Premises DaaS creates a better user experience because the VDI process is right on the network next to customer data. While there are network considerations to take into account in order to ensure an optimal experience, this means that information typically doesn’t need to travel from an overworked remote server to your organization’s computers. Plus, onsite data makes it easier to integrate your data into the applications you actually use.

Benefit #4: Appreciate greater customization.

On-Premises DaaS allows for more customization and a hands-on approach that traditional DaaS solutions cannot match. Why? Traditional DaaS solutions utilize third-party vendors, which means organizations must accept a lower standard of administrative control – whatever the third-party vendor uses, your company uses. Whatever weaknesses, vulnerabilities and preferences they have, you must use.

With On-Premises DaaS, you get the personalized solution that meets your security and process needs, while also enabling you to establish more customized preferences. Because what works for one organization is not necessarily going to work for you.

That’s where On-Premises DaaS has a clear advantage.